Wednesday, 10 April 2013

An Introduction:

Exhibit A- A Portrait of the Author as a Young Woman
Proof that I am not imaginary

Exhibit B- A Greeting From Aforementioned Definitely-Not-Imaginary Girl

Hello there! My name is Sophie and I am a 19 year old uni student, studying Classical Studies and English Literature. Unfortunately I am not the same ginger-haired Sophie from the BFG.
Let's not pretend none of us are disappointed by this information.

 Like most human-beans I enjoy a mixture of reading, listening to music and having fun days out. Coincidently, these activities relate to topics that shall be covered on this very blog. I know you are all shocked to your core at this controversial information. I'll give you a moment to compose yourself. 
This blog will document all ramblings on books, music, daytrips, exhibitions, and essentially stuff about my life. Hopefully you shall not only read and enjoy this, but maybe we could have conversations about said topics? Forge friendships? Get matching tattoos? (Too far? Yes I do believe so...) And maybe this could start right now! Introduce yourself in the comments, I'm more than happy to check out any blogs or recommendations :)
So for now, I bid thee a fond farwell!

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