Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Recipe Time: Mozzarella, Mango & Ham Salad

Time for a nice, summer recipe! I got this off of the BBC Good Food website and I will post the link at the bottom of the page. I just thought this was so delicious it had to be shared!

I was so amazed at how simple but full of flavour this dish is! The original recipe is a bit fancier than mine, but I thought I would substitute some ingredients so that it becomes an everyday lunch rather than fancy starter. So where the recipe calls for rocket, fresh basil and serrano ham, I just bought the salad that coop had on offer (I am a student after all!), dried basil (easier to store in the cupboard) and normal ham. 

Et voilĂ ! My ingredients!

As you can see, the salad only consists of four elements meaning that I can actually afford to treat myself to it as lunches! It's really quick and easy to make as well. My only issue being that I have issues cutting mangos properly! I always make a mess of it. But other than that it's very easy!

Luckily one of my house mates swooped in to help me with my mango difficulties!

Essentially just roughly cut up as much mango, ham and mozzarella as you want and mix it in with the salad! Then that takes us to the dressing. The quantities on the recipe serve 4, but I kind of ignored them and just did everything to taste. I tend to like a fair bit of dressing on salads otherwise I get a bit bored of them, so I did roughly 2tblsp of olive oil, 3tblsp of sweet chilli sauce, the juice of half a small lime and 1tblsp dried basil. I really like the taste of sweet chilli, so others might want to lower the amount of it.

 All you need for a flavoursome dressing!

Just mixed up

Smothered in dressing!

And then all there's left to do it eat it! I just really love this dressing. A little goes a long way due to how flavoursome it is. I like to eat healthily and enjoy fruit and veg, but I've never been a particularly big salad person. I think that's why I'm so impressed with this one! It's got me looking forward to having a salad for lunch which is an achievement! With this being exam season, I'm really trying to make sure I keep eating lots of fresh food rather than falling into the trap of always throwing frozen meals into the oven. So to have this salad be so delicious, but also quick and easy, is really great!

Check it out here:

Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. Scrumptious!
    Now that the warmer weather has arrived its a really good time to start changing eating habits. I love the strong dressing with simple salad ingredients, so it is actually do-able in the usual busy day.