Thursday, 2 May 2013

Summer Music Vol.1

With an exam coming up in a few days I have spent the majority of today sat indoors, shunning the sunlight and revising (I lead a truly exciting life). To make up for the lack of sunny rays being experienced at the moment, I decided to go through some of my favourite summer music while I worked! Here is a quick list for you guys, I'm calling it volume 1 because I am sure there are many more albums to be added to it!

1. Heartthrob - Tegan and Sara
I won't go into much detail here, see the review for my thoughts! It has definitely become my 2013 summer album though.

2. Surrealistic Pillow - Jefferson Airplane
Everything about this album screams summer to me. You've got the upbeat jangly-guitar songs like She Drives Funny Cars and Somebody To Love that make you want to dance around the room, but also really folk-styled, mellow songs like Comin' Back To Me and Today. Sixties music in general seems to embody summertime for me, but this album really hits the nail on the head. I love how when you hear the songs on their own, they seem to embody different musical genres, but the album together flows really well.

3. Eliza Doolittle - Eliza Doolittle
I went to see Eliza Doolittle probably about 4 or 5 years ago now, mostly because my friend didn't want to go on their own. I went into it only knowing Pack Up, and I can safely say it was actually one of the most enjoyable gigs I have been to! This might have had something to do with the fact that the audience mainly consisted of 12 year olds with their parents, but it was just lovely not having mosh pits springing up around me for once! (I don't know how but they always start right in front of where I am, I'm like a magnet!) I just find this whole album a lot of fun. It's all very upbeat and is perfect for both dancing to and just relaxing to (or in my case, revising to!). Particular favourites include Mr Medicine and Missing.

4. Torches - Foster The People
There's probably some sort of theme developing here, where I keep saying how light, poppy music makes me think of summer and this is another example. I also find this album really helps me revise though because whilst it has lots of interesting songs on it, they aren't too attention grabbing and don't distract me. 

5. What We Did On Our Holidays - Fairport Convention
As soon as Sandy Denny starts singing I instantly feel in a great, chilled out mood. She has such a distinctive voice that is so lovely. This whole album is just brilliant. I love folky music and this album is one of my absolute top of all time. I grew up playing classical guitar which I think is part of why I love the guitars on tracks like Fotheringay so much. 

6. Stairwells - Kina Grannis
My friend walked into the lounge while I was playing this album and just immediately said "this is perfect summer music isn't it?" Case in point! She has such a lovely, sweet voice and there isn't a single song on this album that I dislike. 

Okay so now we move away from albums and onto artists in general...

7. Led Zeppelin
Okay, so much as I love songs like Heartbreaker and Whole Lotta Love etc, these are not what I am talking about right now! I'm talking about that specific, not quite acoustic but generally less heavy guitar orientated style of theirs. Absolute prime example is Tangerine, but other key mentions include The Battle of Evermore, The Rain Song and Going To California. They are the sort of music that I could just put on, go lie in a field and really just soak up the sun. They completely mellow you out and I find I really appreciate Robert Plants voice on them.

8. Blondie
Now Blondie is on here for the complete opposite reason to Led Zeppelin! Where they chill me out, Blondie gets me up, dancing around the place and singing along. I actually started listening to it today when I was cooking, which led to me twirling around the kitchen on a little cleaning spree. She really gets me up and motivated to do things but in a very fun way. Sticking on the best of is the perfect way to wake up my mind after a long day of revising and get it back on track. 

That's it for now! I'm sure there will be a volume 2 posted up soon though. Let me know in the comments what you think of these bands, or if you have any particular recommendations for me! Hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather :)

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