Saturday, 29 June 2013

Summer Reading Challenge Update

So, when I started this challenge I knew it was completely within my capabilities to complete this challenge in the time allowed. Just over a week for each book, what could go wrong? What I forgot about was the fact that summer is actually quite busy. For example, coming up I have:

  • A holiday! In precisely four days my holiday starts! My friends and I have managed to get tickets for Festival Beauregard in France which is very exciting. I've been abroad exactly three times in my life, so I'm quite excited to be actually leaving Britain. Of course, when you think about it I'm just going to be in a field in France so it's not exactly the most foreign experience ever,but hey! It's still exciting! After I'm staying at my friends for a bit for her birthday which should be lovely. However, it does mean that I am technically a week down on reading time. (You think I'm going to take a lovely book to suffer through rain, mud and general festival wear and tear? Think again!)
  • My birthday! More specifically, my party. Every year has a different theme and this year is Disney. Probably should have gone for something a little less broad because it's been extremely hard narrowing down an idea for a costume. I desperately wanted to be the wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast (find a big box, create little doors, have doll-sized clothing hanging inside, speak in an operatic voice all night) however the issue has been finding a box big enough! So instead I am going with Jiminy Cricket! Confession time: I invest quite a bit of time into my parties. There will be themed food, I'm going to decorate the party area, need to come up with a costume etc. From the point where I get back from staying with my friend, I have a week to get all of this sorted. Aaah! (On a side note, I will create a post after my party to show you all everyone's costumes and all of that!)
  • Dissertation. Actual university commitments! I actually find my dissertation really interesting and I want to get started as soon as possible, so I've been on Amazon ordering lots of second-hand books for it. Which then leads to the fact that I need to read all of those books, along with the books for my other modules.

What this all sums up to is that I really don't think I'm going to complete the reading challenge in the time allowed! So I will do my best, I have nearly finished the one I'm on now, and I will post up reviews whenever I do. This is just a warning so you don't feel like I'm just being lazy! I will probably post up about the course books I'm reading, as well as picking up my Childhood Heroes series that was put on hold over exams. So it's not like I'm abandoning this blog at all! I am having too much fun to do such a thing. If I can get through ten of the challenge books then I will be pleased, any more will be a bonus! Well, now I'm going to go and try to finish my current one so I can review it for you all!

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  1. No worries. You still have another hundred and ten years to complete your summer challenge! :-)

    Greetings from London.