Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Childhood Heroes: Great Great Grandmother Irene

I've been a bit lax with this series for which I must apologise! I planned on posting this every second Tuesday, but let's not lie, it's been months since the last. With renewed intentions (and more free time) I'm picking the series back up again, this week with....Great Great Grandmother Irene! "Who?!" I hear you cry out, perplexed. This is not the way to pick this series back up. "We want heroes! We want warrior queens! At the very least we want tubby and slightly confused bears. But Grandmothers?" "Great Great Grandmother" I gently remind you. The greats are your hint that this is no ordinary old lady.(Not that ordinary old ladies are not wonderful, round of applause for old ladies everywhere! Hurrah! But you get my jist) 
I know, you probably have no idea who I'm talking about. Let me elucidate for you!

The film: The Princess and The Goblin (astute readers may point out that this also a book, however I have not had the pleasure of reading it so this is a film only based post)

The premise: An army of goblins are planning on attacking the kingdom (what kingdom I do not quite remember) and it's down to Princess Irene and peasant boy Curdie to save the day!

How the grandmother fits into all of this: She's magic. MAGIC GRANDMOTHER. What is not to like? Not only is she magic, but she gives great gifts. Magic ring to help you find your way in and out of the goblin kingdom? Don't mind if I do...Plus she gives her the magic thread to help her make her own magic. See, teaching your grandchildren to be active participants in their stories rather than relying on others to do it for them! (That might be a bit of a stretch but I'm taking it!)

To be completely honest though, this is one of my more superficial childhood heroes. The main reason I loved the Grandmother was because she was just so beautiful.

I mean, look at her! For someone who is a great great grandmother, she looks very well preserved! (I'm only just noticing that in the above picture, the mouth in the mirror is closed while her mouth is actually open. I know it's nothing, but now I'm imagining them as separate entities...with the magic coming through the mirror or something. Multiple science fiction-ey interpretations abound! Anyway, back on track...) I was determined as a little girl that when I was old I would have long flowing white hair like Irene. I know this is such a superficial reason for her to be a childhood hero, but she is! I just loved her. She only appears for a very short amount of time, but I think she embodied some of the traits that I wanted to achieve when I became a grandmother. (a long way off yet!) She is very kind and wise, gives Irene just enough help, but not too much, so that she learns to do things herself.

This is a very short entry I know, longer ones will follow! I'm currently trying to catch up with all the reviews I need to write but I shall try instigating this series again. Let me know, have you seen this film? Or do you have any other characters/people you like just for tiny details about them?

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