Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Disney Themed 20th Birthday Party

Hello lovelies! It has definitely been a while so please accept my many apologies! You can't really be mad at me though because TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. See, that's how dedicated I am. Writing blog posts on my birthday. Which is fitting as this post is all about my party! I do have book reviews on the way; having written about how I'm not sure I'll be able to complete the challenge I actually have four reviews that are in various stages of completion and I'm reading my fifth. So I need to hurry up! But for now, here are some photos from my lovely party.

I went as Minnie Mouse because what could be more classic Disney? To be honest with you though, I think I went through about fifty different ideas before settling on this one. I'm still slightly heartbroken that I couldn't find a box to make a wardrobe costume, but clearly it was not meant to be! Other ideas included Merryweather, Jiminy Cricket and Belle. However, ebay came to the rescue and voila! My costume was complete! I am particularly in love with the sunny yellow pumps, managed to get them in the sale from Schuch so you can probably still catch them if you're interested!

Shameless selfie moment! For any makeup gurus out there, the mascara is Benefit They're Real! and the lipstick is a Rimmel lip butter in Candy Apple.

And here is the full group! From left to right starting at the back we have The Genie, Lumiere, Peter Pan, Maleficent, Zazu, Minnie Mouse, Jasmine, Zeus, Grumpy and Hades. I'm so impressed at the quality of everyones costumes, my friends certainly know how to go all out. This has definitely been the hardest theme yet as there was just so much choice. Not only that, but characters tend to either be really simple (and we tend to like to fully embrace dressing up in my crowd!) or they are too hard (animate objects are not the easiest!)

I genuinely had the loveliest evening! We played a few drinking games, did a bit of dancing and had just a wonderful night. It's been a while since we have all met up together so it was really nice.

There's not really much more to say, it was just a really lovely evening. I'll write about the food and bunting I've made soon, I think I should finish at least one review first though!

Do any of you guys do themed parties? Or have any birthdays coming up? And if you had come to mine, what would you have been? 

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