Monday, 29 July 2013

Recipe Time! Mickey Mouse Oreos

Hello there gentle readers, this week on Recipe Time we have Mickey Mouse Oreos. Perfect for parties or Disney themed events! There are two things you should know about these before we begin:

  1. They are delicious.
  2. They are harder than you would expect! (Or maybe they're not, maybe it's just me. Who knows!)
Now, for ingredients you will need:
  • Oreos. I used normal, but I would highly recommend going for double stuffed if you can find them.
  • Giant chocolate buttons
  • Small white chocolate buttons
  • There are two options for icing, and I actually did both. Either get some red fondant icing, or just use icing sugar with red food colouring. If you are going down the fondant route, I recommend a bit of glace icing to help it stick.
Now, for instructions!

1. You will need to line some trays, or alternative surface, with non-stick paper so the biscuits won't stick.

2. When making icing, don't be too water heavy. I used too much water for my glace icing so most of it ran off of the oreos. If you are just using glace, dip the oreos in halfway, then lay them on the greaseproof paper. While the icing is still wet, put two white chocolate buttons on.

3. For fondant icing, roll it out flat then cut out a square. This isn't very specific but you sort of need to just judge whether the square is big enough. Sorry to not be more specific! So dip your oreo into a little icing, then lay it on the square and use your fingers to mould the fondant icing together.Then push white chocolate buttons onto the icing!

4. Leave these in the fridge overnight to set

5. This is the step where having double stuffed oreos will be really useful! I recommend getting the oreos out of the fridge a little bit before as well so that they filling is soft. Get the giant chocolate buttons and push them into the top of the oreo. Below is a picture of the first one I finished!

6. Do this for all of the oreos, then they can either be eaten straight away or put back in the fridge.

And that's pretty much it! They are very easy, the only difficulty being the slightly fiddly application of the icing. There is an entire parties worth of people who can attest to these being both delicious and very cute. 

As an side note- other party food included:

Vanilla Frog Cupcakes

Chocolate Poison Apple Cupcakes

and Vodka Jelly! You need to use your imagination with this one as I couldn't find any blue jelly to fulfil my plan of it looking like the sea with starfish.

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