Friday, 30 August 2013

Inspiration Strikes

I'm one of those people that likes to explore lots of creative things, so I tend to go through phases of doing things. For a while it was my guitar, then with A levels I moved onto textiles, then experimented with painting for a while, sometimes having creative writing moments, and so on. I just really enjoy experimenting with creative things. With all of these things, I never completely drop them, it just ends up that for some reason or another I drift away from it onto another thing. My textiles A Level was just an amazing two years where I absolutely immersed myself into it. I would spend hours after school working on my pieces and mounting everything up in my book. Whenever I look at the things I created I can't help but feel very proud of myself for the effort I put in. (Who knows, maybe soon I will upload pictures for you guys? We shall see!) My boyfriend even bought me a sewing machine for my eighteenth birthday so I could continue it on. However, the problem with textiles is that it is a) time consuming and b) involves channelling your inner rodent and hoarding everything possible. So whilst I took my sewing machine to uni with me, it wasn't the most practical thing to do in my spare time. So I started exploring painting and got quite into that for a while and sort of left textiles for the moment. But recently, inspiration struck!

I've just returned from a long weekend staying with my friend in Cornwall, which has been absolutely lovely! We were lucky enough to have amazing weather which prompted a visit to Newquay. Cue, inspiration striking!

A brief bit of background:
One of my textile projects was based off of the idea of the seaside. So naturally I decided to make a series of decorative bras. OF COURSE. I must explain, this was completely normal in our class. Decorative corsets, vessels, fans, all of these are general things that would be made. It's just outside of my class that I always seemed to get funny looks explaining my concept (can't imagine why?) As preparation for this project I was forced to visit the seaside to take lots of photographs. I know, terribly hard work. One of the places I visited had fabulous old rusting boats, tangled seaweed, pebbles etc. It was just bursting with texture and colour and was so great that I dedicated an entire bra to it! While we were at Newquay we ended up wandering through the harbour and going along the coastal path and I found myself feeling a very strong sense of deja vu. There were so many wonderful textures and colour contrasts again, that I found myself imagining how I would recreate them with fabric. It was like I suddenly snapped into gear and was viewing the world through my textile eyes, looking out for interesting shapes and compositions that I could photograph and then experiment at recreating. So I decided, why don't I?

So I will.

Now, I don't have the greatest amount of money, and all my time at the moment seems to be going towards university work but I've decided to have the project ticking along in the background. I have some material stored in my room, so in my free time I am going to try and have a play around. Hopefully this means that soon I will be able to post up and share experiments that I've been doing. Until then, here are a couple of photos from my trip!

Gorgeous colour contrast!

In case it's not obvious I'm really interested in texture

Look at how gorgeous it is! LOOK AT IT.

To be honest with you I'm not entirely sure what this is, but it still inspires me so I guess I can forgive it for being so unclear.

For some reason the sea just makes me inexplicably happy.

And I will leave you with the most adorable part of the holiday, three chocolate labs with MATCHING NECKERCHIEFS. Try not to explode from the cuteness.

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