Friday, 27 September 2013

Bath Bombs and Epic Poetry!

I've been putting off writing my book reviews in favour of getting lots of dissertation reading done, so I've been finding my brain at the moment is filled with dragons and gods and epic battles. (It's also been filled with squabbling heroes and multiple attempts at name pronunciations, but they're a bit less grand so we'll skim over them for the moment...) I've been really enjoying all of my reading, even if I am just reading multiple translations of the same thing! It's genuinely been interesting comparing each translator's take on the same material. I've been surprised at how much time I've been spending thinking about the texts; I don't seem to go a day without pondering on certain characters or events. I'm really looking forward to being back at university and kicking into full gear with it. 

Having said that, sometimes a girl needs a break! So the other day I treated myself to one of Lush's gorgeous bath bombs; the dragon's egg. I bought it on a whim because it smelled amazing and looked enticing, but it was only when I went to go run my bath I fully registered the name. Dragon's Egg. I have inadvertently managed to get a bath bomb that is somehow related to my dissertation! I'm beginning to feel like I might have a problem... (I can't remember if I've actually posted about my dissertation at all, but two of my texts are Beowulf and Volsunga Saga, both of which involve dragons) So having accepted my inevitable descent into dissertation obsession and madness, I proceeded to run my bath. And I have to say, this was one of the most elaborate bath bombs I've ever experienced in my life!

My family are big fans of lush, we used to always buy their products when we would go on holiday to Wales, so I'm pretty familiar with their older stuff. I've been treating myself to things every now and then over summer so am gradually becoming more familiar with their new products. I have to say, I am so impressed at the evolution of their products! My main memories of bath bombs were that they would be filled with little stars, or they would have a big of confetti in, or some other surprise. This bath bomb, however, was just an epic experience! There were colourful circles that dissolved into the water that reminded me of scales. Then there was different levels of colour. First it turned the bath white, setting up the canvas if you will. Then a fabulous orange developed, which transformed into a different orange that was absolutely packed with glitter. The bath bomb moved around the water and created fabulous swirls, creating the body of the dragon in the water. Little bubbles came forth and stayed in place, looking like tiny scales along the ridges of the body. It was just absolutely stunning! I was so impressed I have created this whole post dedicated to it!

I'm sure I will post more dissertation updates as it goes along, starting with an explanatory one so you guys know what I'm actually doing! More book reviews will be coming shortly, I am in a whirl of packing at the moment. Hope you are all well, let me know in the comments if any of you are working on dissertations, or equally if any Lush products have blown your mind!

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