Tuesday, 28 January 2014

CATCH UP TUESDAY: Childhood Heroes: Evelyn O'Connell

CLASSIC nineties childhood film

Now, I won't lie. The more my life and studies go on, the more I feel like Evelyn O'Connell has definitely had an effect on my life. Now my Classical Studies are geared towards Greece rather than Egypt, but I'm pretty sure this film influenced my interest in ancient periods. As will probably have become apparent, I was brought up by parents that were pretty into historical things. This meant that growing up we had loads of Greek mythology books and watched series like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys etc. So films like The Mummy were obviously destined to be watched repeatedly!

Who could be mad at her?

So, Evie. What can I say! I just loved her. The picture above pretty much sums up three initial appeals.
  1. The curly hair. It should be apparent by now that child!Sophie seriously wanted curly hair. Evie is just another woman in a long list of curly haired ladies that made me immensely attached to the tiny curls that grew behind my ears on what was otherwise a head of straight hair. 
  2. The glasses. This is strangely specific I know, but they always reminded me slightly of the ones my mum wore which I would try on every now and then. So in my head, glasses like that automatically indicated a lovely person. That's pure, unadulterated logic right there.
  3. The library. I spent a LOT of time reading, and when I wasn't reading I was making up stories, so librarian sort of seems like a natural progression from there. You literally just spend your days surrounded with books. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE? And she is so totally proud of being a librarian. You know the scene: she's drunk and proudly just goes "I....am a librarian!". Not gonna lie guys, this film makes being a librarian look awesome so I wanted to be one. You go off having adventures, discovering things, then come back after it all and spend some time with books. Ideal job. Also, Evie is massively clumsy. Like, knocking all of the shelves in the room over clumsy. And I can relate to that! Not being a naturally graceful swan of a person, I found this rather comforting! (Case in point: the day after we got our shiny new pull-cord operated curtains put in, I pulled the cord too hard and the curtain rail broke and fell down. It's moments like that that stick with you)
  4. Also, she is adorably British. Just look at the picture. LOOK.

Let's not pretend we would have a different reaction

So it is kind of all Evie's fault that old Imhotep starts his whole killing spree/girlfriend resurrection thing. Rule 1 of archaeology: don't read aloud from mysterious books (pretty much rule 1 of horror films as well...Just read in your head people!) PARTICULARLY IF THAT BOOK IS THE BOOK OF THE DEAD. Just saying. But having set these events in motion, you do have to admire the way she is determined to fix her mess. She's also very brave, a certain part of which is just stubbornness. And that is something I can really relate to. I come from a long line of stubborn people. In comparison to some of my relatives (I won't name names BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) I am pretty tame in my stubbornness and would prefer to say that I am just determined and achieve what I want to achieve. But if I'm being honest, a good portion of me achieving things probably stems from a stubborn refusal to give up. Which in the world of The Mummy would be really useful! After all, pretty much no one thinks having an evil immortal mummy running the world is a good thing (unless you're Benny and even then I'm pretty sure he's just going with the situation cause it's pretty hard to get out of it at that point) So yay for Evie's bravery! 

Evie serves as inspiration in my life at the moment as I try to learn Egyptian. The last dabble into languages I did was about five years ago now in GCSE, so I'm not sure whether my final year of uni was the best time to give it a try, but I'm very much enjoying it. Whenever I find myself getting confused or feeling lost, I channel my inner Evie! And then I feel ten times better. After all, who knows if one day I will be needed to read ancient Egyptian inscriptions to help stop an immortal mummy from taking over the world? Wouldn't I feel a right fool if I couldn't remember which bird meant what? You know it. So I shall continue to channel my inner Evie and hopefully if I'm ever in a mummy-type-scenario I shall be prepared to cope with it.

Catch Up Tuesday

Henceforth, from this moment on, Tuesday shall now be known as "Catch Up Tuesday"! I am positively swimming in drafts of book reviews (the Summer Reading Challenge...what happened to you?) and other posts, so from now on Tuesday shall be a day of catch up. I shall post my extremely belated items each week until I am completely up to date, then we shall all continue as if I have not been shockingly lax in my duties. Such is the good intention! Wish me luck...