Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hair Love

So far most of my body positivity posts on here have involved me discussing things about myself that I've had issues with, and exploring the ways in which I've learned to love them. Which is great, but I feel like it's time for something a little bit more light hearted! And potentially slightly self indulgent. But hey, if I can dissect my insecurities on here, I can throw in some celebration of self as well! 

So today's topic is my hair! I'm a natural redhead and it's definitely my favourite physical feature. I was a lot more orange when I was born but it got darker quite quickly and I really love the colour it's settled at now. It seems a bit silly because it's only hair but it's just something that's always made me feel al little bit individual and special. Essentially all this post is going to be is a bunch of pictures of some of my favourite hair moments from my life really! Not sure if that sounds exciting to anyone but me. The thing is, I feel lucky that I have this interesting coloured hair because I am really bad at styling hair. I can do a French plait at a stretch, but mostly I just rely on my amazing hairdresser to cut it into something that requires zero daily effort. I'm rubbish. Thankfully I've had the same hairdresser ever since I had hair to be cut and she's fabulous and I have no idea what I'm going to do the day that she retires. Probably cry.

So here are just a bunch of my favourite pictures of my hair!

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