Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I Hear The Bells

Welcome to another day of 'Sophie gets overly emotional about fictional relationships and flails on the internet about it'. On today's agenda: over analysing the epic scene from Veronica Mars. You know the one:

Ugh you guys this scene kills me. I know this speech is one of the most popular ones in the fandom so I'm not exactly being terribly original but I don't care, I just love it so much. It's like the heavens aligned in order to create this perfect little moment for us all to squeel over. Where do I start?

  1. The song. THE SONG. God I love that song. I listen to it all the bloody time and it's helped me through some less than stellar moments so it has a whole load of meaning as a separate entity from the show, but it fits so well. It's kinda repetitive so it doesn't get in the way of the dialogue and it just works. It's like the catalyst for the moment. It's obvious Logan has been waiting for a moment to speak to Veronica, you can see the way he's hovering and intercepts her. And then they have their vaguely snarky moment like they usually do, but in the pause where Veronica's listening to the song you can just see her let down her barriers a bit. She smiles and closes her eyes and comments "I really like this song" and it's such a seemingly meaningless comment but it just allows this moment of intimacy to happen between them. 
  2. I might be a little bit in love with Kristen Bell, but in that scene the way that Logan sits on the table and slowly moves towards her as he spills out all his feelings, it gets to me guys. 
  3. Oh these stupid snarky flippant babies. "So what are you like now?" "You know, tortured", cue little finger point thing. (I'm aware this is literally just a description of what happened. Shush.)
  4. AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN "come on you know I'm not talking about Hannah" and then he looks at her and it's just completely honest and open and there's no snarky pretence there, he is literally just verbalising what he hasn't said before and just gah that look, which is of course followed by a little breathe out moment because he's probably been holding that in since they broke up and it's been eating away at him so it's a little bit of a weight lifted to actually say the words out loud to her.
  5. "I thought our story was epic you know"
  6. I don't need to add commentary to that. You all know. YOU KNOW.
  7. They have that little pause between them that drags out and then comes the inevitable 'but', and the way he says "and we won't see each other at all" kind of kills me a little.
  8. And then he apologises to herrrrr. I just love it when characters are honest with each other guys. Not just this moment, but fiction in general. I live for moments when characters just open up and pour their heart out, and not in like a "these are all of the secrets I've been keeping from you" kinda way that usually ends with everything being screwed. The moments where characters are just 100% honest about their feelings to the other and when they're not necessarily expecting anything in return. Just all cards on the table, this is how I feel about you because you are amazing kind of way. It's my favourite thing.
  9. And then Veronica tries to be all flippant and lighten the mood, because of course you would when everything just got so serious and honest, and if there's one thing these guys are not great at, it's letting down their defences. 
  10. Dear god the way they look at each other kills me. And he strokes her cheek and she has to take a breath and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
  11. This is my favourite almost kiss of all time.
  13. That's the end of the scene. I have died. RIP me. 
My dad has always said that the prom episode of Buffy gets to him every time. When The Sunday's start playing, and Angel walks in, and they get to slow dance together, my dad just becomes an absolute mess. He literally cannot handle that scene. This is my equivalent I think. I could watch it on repeat (in fact I frequently just listen to the song on repeat). I just love it. I'm going to stop rambling now because I've probably verbalised as much as I will ever be able to. On the off chance that anyone but me is reading this, let me know if you have any scenes like this because I would love to either freak out with you about them, or watch the show if I haven't already!

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