Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

This is a complete non-review.

I feel like I would really like to write about this book but I also feel like I'm completely incapable of finding the words to do so. The ending has just sort of left me with a stillness. I've just sort of sat and not really thought about anything but just absorbed that after feeling that you get once you finish something wonderful.

When I was about half way through I thought about writing about how much I love Emily M. Danforth's writing style. It's so full of detail so it just absorbs you. Sometimes books are way too descriptive for me, I just want them to get to the point a little, but I haven't felt like that with this one. The detail just seems right somehow. If I was a little more with it right now I'd probably go hunt down a couple of quotes so you'd understand what I mean but I guess you're just gonna have to read it yourself.

I've really only just finished it, this is a very stream of consciousness response really and it might be a little incoherent when I read it later. But I feel like I've had this feeling building since about 85% of the way through which isn't stress exactly, but just like a building need to read on and finish whilst still savouring every sentence. I feel like the end scene is just very cathartic. Also I feel like I'm a little in love with the final sentence but I'm not sure why.

Maybe I'll write a more in-depth response later, or maybe I'll just leave it at this jumbled rambling. But I really like this book. A lot :)

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