Saturday, 20 December 2014


Have you ever visited somewhere and just immediately felt completely at home there? That's how I feel about Edinburgh.  

The city is just so beautiful and very characterful. I really like visiting cities and I think Edinburgh has now become one of my favourite places. It just has such a great mix of interesting history, quirky little places, and picturesque scenery.  Plus, it being December, there were Christmas lights up everywhere along with the Christmas markets so everything looked especially beautiful. I don't know enough about the different Scottish accents to know which ones I like, but there were a lot of people in Edinburgh with amazing accents. We got chatting to a bunch of different people at different times and they all had the best accents; I felt extremely Bristolian the whole time! 

The highlight was probably the ghost walk, we did the graveyard one and it was so much fun! Our guide (Gerry) looked like a slightly shorter version of David Tennant and his mannerisms and way of telling stories kept making me think of the Doctor, so that was pretty cool! The walk was just really interesting at first and I learnt a lot about the history of Edinburgh. For example, because the graveyard used to be the only one in Edinburgh there are so many people buried there that the top 2% of the soil is dead body. How cool is that? (am I morbid to find that cool?) Most of our tour was about the Mackenzie Poltergeist which started off being really interesting, and then became mildly terrifying as Gerry ran through all of the safety warnings (for example, if you find yourself in a cold spot, move before you are STRANGLED TO DEATH BY THE ANGRY GHOST WHAT) but none of us died so all is well! If you are visiting Edinburgh I think there are quite a few different ghost walks but you should definitely choose the City of the Dead tours, they were brilliant!

I really want to go back and visit at Halloween sometime because I think it would just be incredible with the combination of all of the spooky ghost stuff and then awesome themed bars. I don't know why I love Halloween so much but I just really do, something about it captures my imagination, which is slightly odd seeing as I scare quite easily, but there you go! We went to two really cool bars, the Frankenstein and the Jekyl and Hyde, and they both had amazing decor along with themed cocktails (we may have had one or two...)

There's still so much that I didn't get to see which just means that I'll have to visit it again sometime! I have to say this was probably the best holiday I've ever had. I've not travelled a great amount (other than around the castles and pubs of Pembroke/Cornwall/Devon) but this year began with Venice and has ended with Edinburgh which bodes well for the future! Venice itself is really great but due to the circumstances around the trip I didn't have the best time, whereas everything about this trip was just amazing. I don't think there was a single bad moment the entire time. My friend and I have been planning to do this trip for years so it was so great to finally be able to do so. I have this thing about compatibility; you can be absolutely great friends with someone but sometimes you are just not compatible for certain things (for example, hangovers). I've been friends with Rose since we were tiny and by now it's like having a sister, but on top of that we are holiday compatible! We like to do the same sorts of things on holiday which means that we didn't have any disagreements about what we wanted to do or anything. 

We decided to film little bits of our visit, which then turned into us pretty much just vlogging the whole trip, which I've never done before but was fun! I have zero video editing knowledge so mostly just strung our clips together but if you fancy watching them I'll include them below. I would write more about the trip, but most of what we did is summed up in the videos below!

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