Friday, 26 December 2014

House Nostalgia

So here's a random fact for you all, I have a really nice house! It's a big old Edwardian one and I've lived here since I was one and it has a really big garden and it's just generally pretty awesome. But as of January 9th it will no longer be mine! A new lovely family is going to move in and they will fill it with loads of wonderful memories and experiences, and that's super great! And I'm really trying not to be sad about leaving because it's far too big for two people to live in and it's old so needs taking care of etc etc etc, but just for today I am going to let myself be nostalgic. So here is just a whole bunch of good stuff that has happened in this house! Not all of the pictures relate to the anecdotes but I'm going full nostalgia on this post so am filling it with ALLLLL of the memories.

  • I have fitted cupboards in my room that I used to be convinced were actually the doorway to a fairy kingdom so one time I slept in my wardrobe overnight in the hopes that fairies would take me away on adventures. Turns out wardrobes aren't that comfortable so I switched back to my bed half way through the night.

  • One time a family friend didn't realise we had two ponds next to each other so he managed to run across the small one before falling into the big one and just as soon as we made sure he was safe and out of the pond it was HILARIOUS

  • I spent what felt like years but may have only been months collecting shells from every seaside we went to so that I could line the path to my tree house with them. Side note - this wasn't a constructed house in a tree, it was literally just a tree that I sat in the middle of. I make my own fun.

  • No one will ever find it, but there is a tiny time capsule buried underneath the decking that has pictures and notes in from us.

  • I was always secretly convinced that fairies did actually live in my garden so I would leave them little flower offerings from time to time.

  • I'm going to miss the wall that has all of mine and my brother's heights on it from when we were growing. 
  • One time my friend won hide and seek because he managed to fit under my sink.

  • When Rose was little she climbed our tree and got stuck and we were all mildly concerned that she would die up there. Years later we took this photo of her returning to the scene of her childhood trauma.

  • One of the best things about my house has always been the garden; it's just so beautiful! It's been the backdrop for many photos, including this one of my year 11 prom.
  • Most of all I'm going to miss my room because it has become my little haven against the world! It's just this lovely little place filled with all of my books and arty stuff and fairylights and candles and I've built up such a calming atmosphere in it, so I'm really going to miss it! Plus it was backdrop to many of my hilarious past selfies such as the one below. (There is great potential for a reviewing my old selfies post. Yay or nay?)

I'll stop there because I want to, but it's just going to be so incredibly weird not to be living here any more. The house is so old and has so much history to it and barring some world shaking catastrophe it is going to outlive me but I'm glad to have had it as part of my childhood. I'm definitely doing my best to not be sad and instead just remember all of the lovely times instead!

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