Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Losing Kit - Leah Smith

Back in the dim mists of time when I was doing the Summer Reading Challenge I used to carry a notebook around with me so that while I read I could jot down notes and thoughts in order to make writing about the books easier. I've started to do that again and I actually think it's quite a good way of showing how much I enjoyed this book so I thought I'd include some scans in this post. This is a bit of a test run because I'm not sure how easy they're going to be to read but if it works then I might start doing this more often! This review is probably going to be a little spoilery so if you haven't read the book then you should head here and do so before returning.

So those were my initial reactions while I was reading it! If you're interested in listening to any of the songs I jotted down I made a playlist here (my life is slowly turning into an endless cycle of reading books and making playlists based off of them. I regret nothing!)

Some more detailed thoughts:

I just really liked all of the characters in this. I was invested in Misha and Kit as a couple, but Liana was also really great, and I liked that it didn't become a clich├ęd love triangle. The moment when Liana and Misha talk about their relationship was just quite refreshingly honest as well. There were definite moments where I just wanted to give Misha a hug for going through so many confusing emotions. So many of the quotations I wrote down were to do with the relationship between Misha and Kit because there were just some really lovely moments between them and I just really enjoyed watching them renegotiate their relationship and figure out how to fit into each other's lives again. As previously mentioned on this blog, I like moments where characters are just completely honest with each other about their feelings, and they had a couple of moments like that (like the text) which I really liked. 

I don't know what I expected to be the reason for losing Kit but I just wasn't expecting him to be dying so when Misha went to the hospital I was just like "I HAVEN'T EVEN MET KIT YET BUT I AM NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR THIS". And then you actually meet him and Misha and Kit are so sweet together that I was just even less emotionally prepared to deal with him dying. I was actually managing to keep myself together okay right up until exactly 93% of the way through when Topher tells Kit that he's always been proud of him and I just lost all of my composure. I might have started crying an eensy bit and had to go take myself off to a different room so that I could finish it in private. From the moment we meet Kit in hospital I knew he was going to die but it still upset me because I'd really grown to like him, along with all of the other characters that were going to have to cope with him being gone.

I really enjoyed this book and it was so easy to get into. I feel like I've created another book/music web now between this, Paper Towns, and Ask The Passengers, which is cool because they've all been really great!

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