Friday, 5 December 2014


I feel like I should come up with more interesting names for these but I don't really know what to call them? Maybe I should take inspiration from Friends and do "the one where"? In which case this will be The One Where All Of My Clothes Are Secondhand. Let it never be said you can't be fashionable on a budget! (Although that being said I have banned myself from shopping until I get a job because MONEY) I'm actually posting this a day late because my day of errands turned into two days of attempting to adult and be responsible and this became a very low priority but still, it's here now!

I got this dress from Ebay for about a fiver I think and it is way more transparent in real life than it was in the picture so I have to wear clothes underneath it as well, but it's winter so layers are good! Sadly this is a fact I learnt from experience when I decided to change into the dress immediately after it arrived and then head off for my volunteering session at the campus museum. Thankfully I was wearing shorts underneath so I wasn't completely indecent but I did spend my entire session sneaking off to the bathroom to do the hooks back up so that I wasn't just flashing the world my bra. But I think it's very pretty and the floral print gives a nice colour burst for these dark winter months. The leather jacket is actually my mum's from when she was at uni which in her words means that it's "proper vintage" and also means it's very worn in and comfy. I went to a party at the weekend and someone stole my warm coat (I'm still outraged!) so I'm pretty much living in this jacket every time I need to leave the house. The gold necklace isn't secondhand but it was a sale item so it still works with this accidental theme I have channelled! But my favourite thing about this outfit is:

Shooooessss! Can we all please take a moment to appreciate how amazing these shoes are?? Sequinned converse! I bloody love glitter so these shoes make me so very happy, but they're even better than you realise! The sequins are black on one side and gold on the other so you just have to rub them different ways to create different patterns, and HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT? I'm pretty sure they cost me about £15 off Ebay which quite frankly is a steal. I don't understand why anyone would be selling them in the first place but I won't complain and shall just dance away into the sunset cackling with my beloved sequinned shoes. 

So that was yesterday's outfit! Thrilling I know. Does anyone else have any Ebay glory tales? I strangely love hearing about good shopping bargains people have had, it allows me to live vicariously through them a bit I think. Do let me know!

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