Wednesday, 3 December 2014

OOTD No. 2!

I feel like other people's outfits of the day show off the way in which they've accessorised or mixed and matched pieces together, whereas mine is literally just "oh I wore a really nice dress today and actually did makeup so I wanted to document and share it with you guys!" Which I think is a perfectly legit thing to do! I really like clothes and I enjoy getting dressed up but when I know I'm spending the whole day job hunting, my go to is usually just a t-shirt and underwear because I'm truly risqué and ~can't be tamed~ (I know you're all now jealous of my glamorous and exciting life, try to contain yourselves please) But today I decided to push the boat out a bit more, et voila!

still figuring out what to do with myself in these pictures

I just really like this dress! I got it for about £15 from Select last year and I just think it's lovely. I really like the cut of the skirt and the deep colour is really nice and wintery. I don't tend to wear it that much because the sheer fabric shows water really easily and I have a weird knack of wearing it on days where it chucks it down! Not a good look. I just think it looks really pretty whilst also being very comfortable, which is my favourite combo in a dress!

I also have this really lovely bracelet thing from ASOS! I really really want to get an arrow tattoo on my inner wrist, I think they look really nice and it has a bunch of associations that I like, but it's quite a noticeable place so I don't want to rush into it. So instead I just buy myself lots of arrow themed jewellery to satisfy that need for the time being!

I'm also including a picture of my face because I don't know if it's clear but I did eyeliner today! Which for me is an achievement. I am seriously so impressed by people who are skilled in eyeliner; you guys are gods walking amongst us mere mortals and I am in awe of you. I decided that I want to become better at it so I bought myself Rimmel's Scandal Eyes eyeliner. It's essentially just like using a felt tip to do your eyes but if you're unskilled like me then this is really useful! Maybe once I'm comfortable enough with this I can upgrade to proper fancy liquid eyeliner. Who knows!

So this is my outfit of the day! 

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