Friday, 12 December 2014

OOTD: The One Where I Am Finally Warm

For someone who keeps going on about how busy she is, I'm creating an awful lot of posts. In fairness, I seem to have gone into the hyper alert mode that used to accompany hectic essay writing, so I'm being extremely productive in a slightly wide-eyed-I-should-really-just-go-to-sleep kind of way. These outfit of the days are pretty easy to do though, so I thought I'd type this up and then head off to bed afterwards. 

Today's excitement is the fact that my new coat arrived! Not only is it totally gorgeous but it also means that I am not going to freeze to death in Scotland this week. Which is pretty great to be honest! Especially because I have spent the last two weeks without a warm coat for reasons that shall be explained henceforth. 

Essentially, I went to my friend's mum's 50th birthday party, which was really fun! Their house is so quirky anyway (one day I shall have to go round and take pictures for you guys so you can understand the true extent of the house's awesomeness. Their porch is Doctor Who themed and features a wall painted to look like the TARDIS flying through space with many memorabilia on shelves as well. It's incredible guys.) but everything was decorated with bunting and candles, it was so pretty. Liz (the birthday girl) spent the whole night in a rainbow striped onesie with fairy lights draped all around her and everyone got very merry and had a generally lovely time. Highlights included making other people do the tortilla dance, being reunited with my cat soul mate, pretending to be detectives, and group dance alongs to songs like Saturday Night and the Time Warp. So far so fab! Except for one teeeeensy little hiccup.

Someone absconded with my coat.

Now I know what you might be thinking, "Sophie, you were drunk. You probably put the coat down somewhere and forgot where". And I'll admit I initially thought that was the case! Hence why I recruited a crack team of assistants to help me scour the house for it. And genuinely, it was nowhere to be seen.

My theory is thus: someone, in their intoxicated state, either accidentally or maliciously, wore my coat home. Which is not that awful a thing! It's very likely that they were drunk and confused and the whole thing was a complete accident. In the grand scheme of things, I really don't mind. In the small scheme of things, these last two weeks have been a bit chilly for me. So the arrival of this coat has been particularly exciting for me! Plus, it was in the pre-Christmas sales so I have saved myself a whopping £9. Who knows what I'm going to do with such a crazy large amount of money. At last I can retire and give up this life of crime! So here is this majestic new coat that is going to stop me from freezing to death:

I hope you are all suitably impressed and awed! 

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