Monday, 8 December 2014

OOTD: The One Where I'm Inspired By Belle

I think this Friends style title thing is going to work out well for us guys. Here is what I'm wearing today:

As the title would suggest, my outfit today is heavily inspired by Belle from Once Upon A Time, or more specifically this outfit of hers:

Despite being incredibly unemployed I have a bunch of clothes that I like to refer to as my work wardrobe all ready in preparation for when I finally get that interesting job that I will one day have (all about the positive affirmations guys) and this was originally bought as part of that, but I like wearing it all the time anyway. Bearing in mind Belle spent the whole of the curse years in a cell in the hospital, plus none of these people can leave Storybrooke to go shopping, she has an unfairly good wardrobe going on and I covet a lot of it. So when I saw this dress in the New Look sales I had to get it. Maybe it's the Belle connection, or maybe it's because the blue makes me think of Ravenclaw, but I feel very bookish when I wear it. It sort of makes me want to get a job as a librarian and just spend my days surrounded by books. I mean, I would like to do that anyway but this dress just encourages those aspirations. I do not yet own shoes as adorable as the ones Belle wears, but maybe one day! 

As you can see I'm having another day of trying to wear heels in around the house. This isn't going as well as the last one did unfortunately. I got these boots in the sale as well (seriously guys, I am a very strategic sale shopper) and I'm not sure how I feel about them. They're perfectly nice brown boots but I just really have not mastered walking in them. I think they might just be at a bit too much of an angle for me, the heel is thick enough, but I just really don't enjoy walking in them. I wore them out of the house once and walked for maybe two minutes before deciding that I had to go back and change them. The more time that goes on the more I think I might just put them up on Ebay so that some more skilled and successful person can have them and love them. 

Please excuse the slightly weird picture but I wanted to make sure you guys could see my necklace! It's an old pocket watch that belonged to a relative of mine (potentially a great Grandfather but don't hold me to that) and I just think it's really cute.

I had my hair cut last week and I think it looks really nice today! The lippy I'm wearing is (I think) Maybelline in Hollywood Red; I don't usually wear lipstick in the day but I thought I'd splash out today just because.

So that's todays outfit! Does anyone else make fashion choices based on fictional characters? And if so, who?

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