Sunday, 28 December 2014

Reviewing Old Selfies

I watched Ava Gordy's video where she reviews her old selfies (clicky clicky here!) and I thought "fuck it! I also have embarrassing teenage selfies! I too can share these things with the interwebs!" So that's what I'm gonna do and we can all laugh at how lame I was together.

Am I going to regret this? Probably.

Real talk, what am I looking at in this? It's obviously nothing exciting seeing as my face looks incredibly unimpressed. Also is it just because I've looked at the picture for too long, or does my face look like it's not actually connected to the rest of me?  This selfie raises so many questions that I don't have answers to.

So. Many. Questions. Where do I even start? Well first off, this is the first of many selfies that just cut off random bits of my face. I think I thought that this was artistic? I don't even know. Clearly if you're a cool kid you never have your entire face in a photo. That's obviously SUPER LAME. Secondly, why is there a random out of focus flower/twig? Why did I not make sure that there weren't twigs in the way of the camera? You guys don't know the layout of my garden but I'm pretty sure in order to get this photo I must have just been sat in the bottom of my garden taking photos with my camera vaguely concealed in a bush. WHY.

Here's a thought for past!Sophie, why don't you try taking a picture of yourself when you're not looking directly into the sun? That way you would actually be able to form facial expressions rather than just squinting at the camera and hoping for the best. Selfie 101.

Could there be a less appealing picture of me? I feel like I'm channelling a labrador post-walkies when they just have their entire tongue out and are panting for breath. There is no way that that much of my tongue needed to be on show. God this might be the one that makes me cringe the most. PUT IT BACK IN YOUR MOUTH SOPHIE. I also appear to have some very interesting layers going on in my hair at this point. Genuinely, the longer I look at this photo, the more I feel like I resemble some form of sheep dog. LET'S MOVE ON.

Oh god this picture. I feel like it should be captioned something like "Sophie ponders the futility of life". Why am I so morose? Why am I so ghostly pale? Why is there so much door in the background? These are the questions I ask myself.

DRASTIC MOOD CHANGE BETWEEN SELFIES. Our old friend the door is back and this time it seems as if it's told a really funny joke? Or I'm surprised by its existence? I clearly just felt the need to document the hilarious and exciting times I was having with my good old buddy the door. 

I vividly remember taking this one because it was the day that I got my hair cut like this, and I adored having this hair style. I don't think this one is too bad although it is veering a little bit into emo territory. I still haven't managed to include my full face in a photo but you know, my selfie game is slowly improving. Although the position that I'm in looks deeply uncomfortable.

I appear to be channelling one of the blues brothers. Why did I own this hat? Why did I own any of the trilbys that I owned? Why did people let me go out into public wearing them? So many questions.

If there's one thing looking at all of these selfies has taught me, it's that past!Sophie was clearly under the impression that black and white made everything artier. This is just another one of those photos where the cropping baffles me. I appear to be falling asleep mid-photo? Why is the focal point my neck/chest? What did I expect people to think when they saw this? Like, "ooh that Sophie, she's got a good shoulder doesn't she?" Eternally baffled.

We have rather daringly moved from black and white to the crazy wild territory of sepia tones. God I lived on the edge. If we ignore the fact that I'm still continuing to look anywhere but the camera, I think this picture would probably be not too bad if it was the right way up. And yet, I deliberately kept it upside down. For what purpose? Am I trying to trick people into thinking that the laws of gravity don't apply to me? Is it supposed to be quirky and original? If so I guess it succeeds but I'm pretty sure there's a very good reason why people don't upload upside down selfies. 

We have jumped drastically further forward in time and I'm not sure if this is because my selfie taking ability drastically improved or I just haven't stumbled upon where I saved those ones. I'm pretty sure I was trying to show a friend my new top but like, come on past!Sophie, couldn't you have tidied up a little bit before taking this? Or gone to a different room that wasn't just filled with piles of crap? And shut your wardrobe door? No one will be looking at the new top because everyone will just be like "good god woman, TIDY YOUR ROOM".

Well this has been incredibly embarrassing but also quite fun! Although I find these pictures very cringey, at the time I was obviously just happy with how I looked and wanting to document that. I'm very pro-selfie; I disagree with the idea that they're vain and awful. I don't see what's wrong with liking how you look and wanting to capture that? We should encourage people to celebrate themselves more! I actually really like scrolling through the selfie tag on tumblr because it's just full of people saying things like "I really like how I look today" or "I think my hair looks nice today" or whatever, which really makes me smile. I'm allllll about encouraging unapologetic self-love and I think selfies can be a really easy way to work towards achieving that. So when I look back at all of these old selfies of me I do cringe a little but I also feel glad that I was obviously just having fun and playing around by taking pictures of myself. I won't lie, I take loads of selfies now mostly just because it's fun! Sometimes I want to capture a moment where I think I look nice, other times I'm just bored and want to have fun pulling stupid faces. Maybe in a couple of years I'll look back and be embarrassed over them as well but that's not going to stop me taking them now.

I also found a whole bunch of really nice pictures of me when I was doing this so I might do another post sometime that is more of a celebration of selfies. We shall see!

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