Monday, 22 December 2014

Words Words Words

I've become quite good at just being able to ramble on here about whatever tickles my fancy and I start to think that I'm getting quite good at all this articulation malarkey, but then stuff happens in real life and I flounder about trying to find the words to help and just feeling like I'm failing.

I wish I knew what to say when crappy things happen to people I love. Logically I know that there is no magic word that you can utter that will fix their situation but that doesn't stop me wishing that there was. At the end of the day I know that all I can do is just be there for them if they need me but even then I still feel like I'm failing to express that properly to them. 

I wish it was possible to be able to download your feelings or something. So instead of trying to find the words to express inexpressible things I could just hand someone a little memory stick or something which they could plug in somewhere and then they would be able to completely understand the thing that I'm failing to communicate. So then when rubbish things happen they could pop in memory stick 221B or whatever and feel all of the love and support I want to offer them but am failing to find the words to do so. So then even though they still have to go through their crappy experience, I'd know for sure that they won't feel so alone. 

I'm not trying to make their rubbish experience about me or anything, I just hate to think about the people I love feeling alone. I know that everyone goes through shit and will feel awful and sad so many times in their lives and I know that that's just a thing. Much as I'd like to help I know that there's nothing I can do or say to stop this from happening. But if there is one thing I can do, it's make sure that they know they're not alone in it. I can't change the fact that they're going through shit but I can make sure I'm there for the duration. So until this strange memory stick emotion technology is available to the masses, I shall just have to use my words and do my best to try and communicate the depth of my love and support for them.

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