Sunday, 4 January 2015

Celebrating Old Selfies

The other day I posted this where I reviewed old selfies, which mostly just involved me being baffled and embarrassed really. But along the way, when I was searching for horribly cringey selfies to share I also found a whole bunch of quite nice pictures as well, so I thought I would share those as well! I'm going to fess up now, not all of these are technically selfies but sod it, I do what I want.

WE'RE OFF TO SUCH A BETTER START ALREADY. I can feel the embarrassment from the last post start to fade away. Granted I still haven't managed to grasp the idea of framing (why so much wall?) but at least the majority of my face is in it! Here we have an example of a picture taken during my gothy/emo phase that does not make me want to hide my face in my hands! Hoorah! I'm pretty sure this was the day that I got my hair cut like this and honestly I really like the fringe/eyeliner combo. I'm so proud of cute baby goth Sophie learning to take halfway decent selfies. *wipes away tear of pride*

The first of the not-technically-selfies! But hey, I think this picture is adorable and anyone who disagrees obviously needs their eyes tested. This is gothy-emo Sophie in her natural habitat. Dressed all in black, eyes outlined in eye liner, hanging out on Castle Green with all of the cool older kids, and what does she do? She decides to blow bubbles. Of course she does! Cause that's totally how you impress the alternative kids in the year above you. (Although to be fair, if I was in a group of people now and one of them started blowing bubbles that person would be my immediate BFF so maybe I was just a genius ahead of my time?)

There's going to be a recurring theme throughout this post of black and white pictures of me with my fringe. I won't lie to you guys, I miss that fringe every day! The only reason I got rid of it is because I developed a stupid cowlick that meant that a bit of it stuck up all the time, thus ruining the overall fringe effect. I will never forgive my hair for turning against me in such a way! Every now and then I'm tempted to have the fringe cut in again and hope that it's gone away, but then I see pictures of the awkward growing the fringe out stage and decide that I don't need it that desperately after all. But back to the picture at hand, I just think this is super cute! I don't think I ever truly appreciated how freaking adorable I was at this age. I also love my hair in this. A sure fire way to get me to love you forever is to offer to curl my hair for me because I loooooove having curls but am too rubbish to make them happen for myself. I think it's just a case of wanting what you can't have because my hair is stubbornly straight and very thick so doesn't take kindly to attempts to curl it, so whenever it is curled I just spend the whole time feeling very over excited until it eventually unravels back to being straight again. But enough about my hair preferences!

Here we have the return of not-technically-a-selfie pictures! But let's be honest, this is a super great picture. I'm DAISY CHAINING in a FIELD. Could I be any more precious? Did any of you guys go through that phase where you got given a digital camera and suddenly became an amateur photographer? My friend and I spent many a day frolicking about the local area taking macro shots of various foliage and being convinced we would be professional photographers when we grew up. In fact, the girl who took this is doing vaguely photographic things I believe, so that's cool! Plus I genuinely really like this picture. It's nice.

Speaking of frolicking around the local area and pretending to be photographers, et voila! This photo makes me look like I'm just really casual and cool whereas in actual fact I was like "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO BECKY I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW TO POSE FOR PICTURES" and the residual awkwardness was caught on camera. 

I wish I could say this is the final picture of me with daisies but there's one more still to come. What can I say, I spent a lot of time in fields during my adolescence. Oldland Common isn't exactly a hub of social activity but it does have a whole bunch of different fields for all the different social groups to hang out in. In fact, this field was claimed by the alternative kids in the year above me and as such demanded capitalisation when given its title of "The Field". Oddly vague, yet everyone knew exactly which one it was. Strange. I remember this day really vividly though, and it was really lovely, and I just look super happy in this picture so I like it! Plus I thought I would introduce a slight colour palette change, can't be all black and white here. Got to spice things up a little.

Oh look, how quickly we return to our dazzling hughes of black and white. I thought I should probably throw an actual selfie in here for good measure and I look quite nice here! What more is there to say really?

Oh look! The selfie that started it all! Now there is a fair amount of potential for piss take with this selfie but I am a sop and I love it. A good 50% of my loving this picture is mostly just because I can see all of my books in the background and I'm overly emotionally attached to them so that makes me happy. Fun fact: those books under my desk were actually needed to hold the sodding thing up because I accidentally snapped the side when I was rearranging my room one day. I do stuff like this annoyingly frequently. As I write this post I've just realised that I'm wearing the dress that is in this picture! Rather than meaning that I'm the same size as when I was 15 I think it mostly just means that this dress has lost a LOT of its elasticity in the wash and I should probably throw it away someday soon. Mostly I just think I look cute okay?! I'm doing that thing where it's like "oh I just put this camera on self timer and now I don't know what to do with my body but fortunately I seem to have been caught in vaguely aesthetically pleasing position!" 

Actual final daisy picture I promise! Can we all take a moment to admire the transition of the daisy though? I seem to have gone slightly abstract in this one. I did actually debate including this one in the other post because let's be honest, there's a lot of potential for piss take here. But I decided against it because I just like it! I actually remember taking this; I'd put the camera on timer and was going to just face it and smile but my friend caught me doing so and made a joke about it so the camera caught my slightly embarrassed "I've been caught trying to take an arty selfie" moment. 

I love this selfie SO FREAKING MUCH OKAY. There's no random cutting off half my face! Not only do I still have my fringe but I also have adorable ringlet curls! I'm happy and smiling! IT'S IN COLOUR! LOOK HOW FAR MY SELFIE TAKING ABILITY HAS COME! I just honestly think this is a lovely picture of me. That is all.

Sudden time jump! Very astute readers will notice that we have completely skipped the awkward growing-my-hair-out phrase and have moved swiftly on to the wow-I-have-super-long-hair-now phase instead! I feel like this is a nice picture of me right up until the moment where I stare at it too long and then I end up unsure but I think that's just the pictorial version of when you look at a word too long and suddenly question whether it's real or not. (For example, think about the word eighth. Eighth. EIGHTH. How is that a real way of spelling something? The mind boggles.)

Final selfie of the post! This was taken two years ago and I feel like if I include anything more recent then this can no longer be a post about old selfies and just becomes too many pictures of my face. I just love this picture. It was my second Christmas at uni and I'd just got back from an end of term meal with my friends and let my hair out of the french plait it had been in and snapped a quick pic before going downstairs to chill out with everyone again, and I just think it looks really nice! Most of the pictures of myself that I really like are ones where I'm just really happy. I like those moments where I've obviously been having a really nice time and just paused to take a picture and then carried on. They make me smile. 

So that is celebrating old selfies! I would say that the reason there are way more selfies in this post is because I love myself loads yadda yadda, but actually it's because I'm still trying to hunt down the rest of my awful selfies. I know they're out there somewhere. Their images are burned into my retina. I will find them. And I will share them. I cannot rest until this mission is complete! Okay so maybe that's slightly melodramatic but supposing they haven't actually been lost forever then I will definitely share them so we can all laugh at me again together. Yaaaaay!

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