Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Book of Secrets - Leah Smith

I feel like all I ever do on this blog is review Leah's books, but that's mostly just because they are super great so you really should all go check them out. There will be many spoilers in this post so if you haven't read this yet then you might want to consider doing so before proceeding. If you are a fan of stuff like Harry Potter and Charlie Bone etc then this will definitely be something you enjoy.

I really enjoyed this book! It feels like it's been ages since I read this sort of genre so that was really fun. I really liked the world that was presented in this. There were just loads of interesting ideas throughout, from the goblin's skin changing colour in response to someone's mood, to the fire wolves, to the whole conflict with the Ice Monks. I know this was originally supposed to be the first in a series and I can definitely see how there are enough threads that could be explored in sequels. 

Orion and Alfie were absolutely adorable. There were definitely a couple of moments that made me grin and chuckle to myself as they both started to realise they liked each other (he thinks he might be having a heart attack BLESS YOU ALFIE). It also felt very age appropriate. Sometimes when I'm reading books of this sort of style I forget that the characters are young teenagers because everything gets blown up into epic proportions, whereas these two were so obviously teenagers crushing on each other. I just found it refreshing that when Astra asked Orion if she was in love with Alfie she replied with "I'm thirteen!" That being said, I do totally ship them. I mean Alfie apologising for being her destiny was so freaking adorable I could not handle it. YOU TWO ARE PRECIOUS OKAY.

I really liked the core cast of characters. If it's not obvious from my notes I was so not okay with the possibility of Nick dying so I'm very happy he didn't! I loved the twins and their banter and I was not emotionally ready to have another Fred and George type situation (never over it). I initially wanted to wrap Felix up in a blanket because he was so scared of everything but he really developed as the book went on and grew into his potential. Incindiere (I might have spelt this wrong soz) was really cool and I'm still not over the idea of a pack of fire wolves all sitting about barbecuing vegetables on each other. I also think there is really interesting potential in her future in regards to seeking revenge against the Ice Monks. Amy was definitely the most capable of the group, they were very lucky to have her! I'd be interested to see what comes of her whole new found lost princess-ness. I actually think she would be a really capable person to be put in charge of the universe! Even thought that's not what she wants. Orion could be a bit bratty sometimes but I mean, that does sort of come with being raised as a princess. But for someone who has just lost their father and been thrust into a position of huge responsibility, she really was trying her best. I just really liked the whole group and the way they developed as the book went on.

I thought this was a great book really! I feel like we've only just scratched the surface of the world and there is so much more that could be explored. How are they going to stop the Ice Monks? Who is rightful owner of the book, Amy or Orion? How does the book even work? I feel like the characters have only just started to develop and that they have so much potential to keep growing.

(Also, if you're reading this Leah - I keep talking about this like there are going to be sequels and stuff but that's just because it all captured my imagination. I don't want to be one of those douchey people that makes demands on writers like "you have to write more of this thing" because like, you owe me nothing, write for yourself etc. All I'm saying is that if you ever decided that you did want to write more of these and a sequel ended up coming into existence then if you could give me a heads up please that would be suuuuuuuuper awesome cos I would love to read that.)

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